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Suggestions, great tool

Aug 12, 2013 at 8:33 PM
This is a really nice tool and a free alternative to some of the other ones that are out there (PowerSearch by PowerObjects comes to mind). There are some issues with this that I think you may have overlooked that make it not very intuitive or useable on a customer site:
  1. Your solution file currently adds in / updates the default roles, where it should only be creating a new one called "Easy Search" to then allow the administrator to add anyone with the "Easy Search" role and give them search access. In your case, you customized almost every out of the box role, and in my system that re-named all my existing US English roles to their French counterpart names. This is very annoying and likely won't fly with a regular customer. Also, most customers of the system have custom roles, so the work you did here would be fruitless.
  2. The ribbon button opens a new window with _top as the target. This should probably be either a modal dialog window, or better yet, simply make a sitemap edit to include easysearch in the CRM sitemap rather than the ribbon. The other thing here is that when you click on an item in the results window, it opens full-screen again inside that same window with _self as the target for the link. I'd recommend using the OpenStdWin() function or equivalent to get them to be the appropriate size of a standard CRM pop-up for the records.
  3. Source code. This is "Project Hosting for Open Source Software" you need to publish that source here.
Thanks for the solution though, it looks very promising!